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Are you concerned about your relationship or worried about someone you know?


Abuse  can happen in all walks of life, within many communities, religions and across all age groups. It can happen between couples who are and who are not married, between couples who have been together for many years or couples who may only be few months into a relationship, same sex partnerships or relationships among family members.

There are many signs of an abusive relationship – and some are harder to identify than others.

Any one of these signs can indicate that you may be in an abusive and unhealthy relationship and can result in feelings helplessness, desperation or low self-esteem.


  • Are you afraid of your partner or family member?
  • Do you feel bullied or belittled by your partner?
  • Do you avoid family and friends because of your partner?
  • Do you feel as if you are walking on eggshells at home?
  • Do you change your behaviour to avoid triggering an incident?
  • Do you feel controlled?
  • Does your partner have sudden changes of mood which dominate the atmosphere in the house?
  • Is your partner charming one minute and abusive the next?
  • Are you afraid of making your own decisions fearing a negative response from your partner or family member?


However, you don’t have to suffer in silence.


Help and support is available at yourSanctuary. We provide a range of services (click to be transfered to the services page) including our helpline (9am to 9pm, 7 days a week), outreach support and refuge referrals.


Other useful contacts can be found on Surrey Against Domestic Abuse website.

You may find our Resources page of help as well.

 In an emergency please dial 999 for Police.

If you are concerned that you may be at risk of domestic abuse, please contact our confidential 24 hour helpline on 01483 77682201483 776822  for advice on what steps you can take.