Safety Planning

If you are in an abusive/violent relationship, we would encourage you to make contact with Your Sanctuary as soon as is practically possible where you can receive the help and information that you need.

There are things that you can do to help make you and your children safer and this all comes down to Safety Planning.

Know where your phone is and keep it charged.

If you have children teach them how to call 999 and to provide their name and address.

If possible, tell a neighbour about the violence and ask them to call the Police if they hear or see anything suspicious.

If the situation is about to turn violent, try to get to a safe place - if possible, a room with a clear exit or more than one exit route. Avoid the kitchen, bathroom and garage where knives, guns, other weapons and hard surfaces may be used to harm you.

Ultimately, try and leave the house or situation and raise the alarm.

If there is no way to escape the situation and violence occurs, make yourself into a small target. Get to a corner and curl into a ball protecting your face and head with your arms.

If you are in a public place shout 'Fire', this cry for help gets a quicker response than any other.

Keep a diary of incidents as they happen and keep it somewhere safe.

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