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Rights and Options

As a survivor of domestic abuse you may feel that you have no rights or options but you do. We can help you to understand what those options are depending on your personal circumstances and we will support you with whatever decision you make.  In the meantime we would like you to know :


Your Bill Of Rights



  • To be you

  • To put yourself first

  • To be safe

  • To love and be loved

  • To be treated with respect

  • To be human not perfect

  • To your own privacy

  • To have your own opinions, to express them and to be taken seriously

  • To earn and control your own money

  • To ask questions about anything that affects your life

  • To make decisions that affect you

  • To grow and change and this includes changing your mind

  • To say no

  • To make mistakes

  • Not to be responsible for other adults’ problems

  • Not to be liked by everyone

  • To control your own life and to change it if you are not happy with it.

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