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Image by Sergey Shmidt

Our New Refuge! 

Your Sanctuary is about to start an exciting new phase. We are going to be opening a purpose built refuge later this year, which will enable us to offer accommodation and support to many more women and their children.

Kids Playing with Lego

In order to open, we need your support to furnish and equip the building which comprises eleven accommodation units, a large children’s playroom, a communal lounge, offices, quiet rooms, laundries and a garden. Whether you are a business, an individual or belong to a group, your support could help make a real difference to the lives of the women and children who come to stay with us.


To find out how you can donate please click below.

When you move into your new home there are so many things to think about and buy. The families you support are about to move into a new home and need your help to furnish and equip it to be a bright, modern, comfortable safe space, because environment matters when you need to heal and find your strengths.

To give you some idea of the funding needed please find below examples of the rooms and items identified as required to make the new refuge a warm and safe place for survivors to begin their journey toward recovery. You can use the suggestions to guide your donation, or choose to gift a different amount – every penny will make a difference.

(In the unlikely event that funds raised exceed the amount required to furnish and equip the new refuge, excess funds will be used to deliver services to survivors)

72dpi Childrens bedroom1066505171.jpg

Lamp £15

Chest £20

Bed £250

Rug £20

Desk £130

Children’s bedroom

When children come to stay in our new refuge they have been living in a home filled with uncertainty, fear and abuse. We have designed each children’s bedroom to be a safe space for play, study and quiet time.

72dpi Kitchen:living room 727770841.jpg

Kettle £20

Table and Chairs £180

Fridge/Freezer £250

Television £300

Sofa £450

Kitchen/Living room

Each family will have a kitchen/living room to cook, eat meals, watch TV and relax. The design of these rooms has focussed on providing a modern but cosy space to enable important family time that will have been scarce or missing in the home they have fled from.

Cozy Living Room

Television £450

Table and Chairs £300

Coffee Table £100

Rugs £75

Sofas £1500

Communal lounge

Although many of the families will have their own kitchen/living areas we know that a sense of community and peer support is vital as part of a survivor's recovery from the abuse they have experienced. We envisage that the communal lounge will be used for group work sessions, movie nights, yoga classes, arts and crafts sessions and many other activities – so we need your help to purchase furniture and equipment to make this room a warm and welcoming focal point for all the families living with us.

Kids in Art Class
72dpi Tree house.jpg
72dpi Cacoon play tent1052499539.jpg
72dpi Softplay floor 778616755.jpg

Art Supplies £100

Soft play floor £130

Treehouse cabin £550

Cacoon tent £1000

72dpi Sensory equipment 1714029235.jpg
72dpi Bean bags 695927881.jpg
72dpi Puppet theatre 770284243.jpg

Sensory materials £2000

Puppet theatre £400

Bean bags £300

Children's playroom

This bespoke designed room will be used by our therapeutic children’s support workers for the 1:1 and group sessions they run. Children who have experienced fear and trauma can be offered a number of opportunities to play and engage that will help towards making them feel safe, listened to and validated. Your generosity will help us to fit out this play room with state of the art equipment including a treehouse to provide a home space, hanging 'cacoon' tent, sensory area, arts and crafts materials and toys so that the children and young people who come to live at the refuge can have the opportunity to rebuild their sense of self and re-learn how to play and interact.

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