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Domestic Abuse at this Time of Year

Like it or loathe it, two of the most hotly discussed topics now are the 2018 World Cup and Love Island. An estimated 3.2 billion people tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup and so we can expect similar numbers for this year’s tournament. You think you know what to expect from both the World Cup and Love Island – yellow cards, goals, cocktails and lipstick – but would you think that there’s strong undercurrents of domestic abuse in both?

Only this week the Hull Daily Mail reported a significant rise in domestic abuse incidents since the World Cup started, up 6% from before the tournament. Factors include increased alcohol consumption and an increase in tension. Generally domestic abuse rates across the country can rise by as much as 36% when England have a football match.

Our view is that these men use sporting events and alcohol as an excuse to escalate their violent behaviour.

Love Island contestant Adam Collard provoked nationwide fury in his treatment of fellow Islander Rosie Williams. In a show with an audience of more than 3 million viewers, largely of from a younger demographic, Adam showed clear signs of abusive behaviour, using manipulative language verging on emotional abuse. Love Island fever is gaining momentum daily, so what message is this showing to an impressionable younger generation? Does Adam’s behaviour show people going through similar behaviour with their partner what shouldn’t be tolerated, or when to act? Or is he hailed as a hero by some, demonstrating our misconceptions around how men should behave in relationships There is a clear need to help all those experiencing any form of domestic abuse to recognise the issue and seek specialist support and assistance. Your Sanctuary is committed to this.

The summer period is an incredibly happy time for most, and the World Cup and Love Island prove welcome distractions from everyday life. Both have raised interesting points on the continuing threat of domestic abuse and how it can crop up in areas that people wouldn’t typically expect. It’s encouraging to see topics such as this being debated on a national level and we hope that such conversations will help individuals to recognise that they are suffering and be reassured that there is a way out.

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